Video Covers

More coming soon.
Here are some dodgy drum covers!

Drain You – Nirvana

It’s Beginning To Get To Me – Snow Patrol.

School – Nirvana. Last American Show.

Pendulum – Propane Nights.

Scentless Appentice – Nirvana.

Stay Away – Nirvana.

Loud Like Love – Placebo.

Name of Tragedy – Motorhead.

Aneurysm – Nirvana.

Find Me – Sigma Feat. Birdy.

This Aint Pleasure – L7.

In Bloom – Nirvana.

Saint Cecilia – Foo Fighters.

Breed – Nirvana.

Lounge Act – Nirvana.

Everlong – Foo Fighters.

If you Want Blood (You’ve Got It) – Ac/Dc.

My Hero – Foo Fighters.

999 Emergency – Girlschool.

Angel Of Death – Slayer.

Hot Right Now – DJ Fresh.

Kick It Down – Girlschool.

Everybody Does It – Girlschool.

I believed In You – Skunk Anansie.

The Habit – Lissie.

C’mon Let’s Go! – Girlschool.

In & Out – Speedway.